Saturday, August 8, 2020


The Ten Commandments by Thomas Watson does not sound like an exciting read but I have rarely read a better work. Watson is a profound thinker and writer. I was so impressed with his introduction that I read it twice (sometimes I skip them altogether!)  If you enjoy J.C. Ryle you will appreciate Watson. In addition to being profound, he is lively, systematic, pithy, and practical.   I found very little that did not stir my thinking and affections.

I did not agree with everything he says in this book (admittedly, that may be my problem rather than his!) I found one or two of his ideas on the observance of the Sabbath to be extreme - if I grasped what he was saying. Understanding baptism as I do, I felt his arguments for infant baptism displayed such a lack of logic that if I had read that section first I probably would have not been inclined to read the rest of the book. For that reason alone I am glad I read the introduction first! Watson is great reading!

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