Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The Bible Template is an easy to read guide that explains the three great mysteries of God:

1) The Mystery of Life
2) The Mystery of Christ
3) The Mystery of the Church

It also provides an overview of the Scriptures to help grasp the flow and purpose of redemption.

Available from Amazon.com (The Bible Template Collver, $5.95 plus shipping) or email me!


Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Vision

The Vision
Psalm 27:4

“A Holy Bouquet"

"A Holy Bouquet"
Painting by Kailey Bowden

The Vision is a booklet based on a sermon delivered 
at Takilma Bible Church on March 11, 2018
Please contact me if you would like a copy!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

The Forgotten Spurgeon- Book Review


This book provides an interesting perspective on how Charles Spurgeon dealt with movements that he considered to be harmful to the body of Christ. It also tells why many people ridiculed and rejected him and his ministry. I believe it also reveals some telling reasons for the decline of the church (both the Metropolitan Tabernacle and the universal church) since the demise of Spurgeon.

I normally enjoy Iain Murray's writing but I did find this one a little harder to stay with. The last chapter yielded some good observations and seemed to bring the book to a fitting (and to be honest, welcomed) conclusion.

In my mind the book probably deserves three out of five hearts. It was no doubt accurate, researched and documented- it was just not a page turner.

I decided to read the appendix (which is rare for me!) and was amazed to read  a  fascinating account and explanation of the demise  of the Metropolitan Tabernacle. Not only that,  the appendix reveals an understanding of church membership that very few people today seem to grasp or agree with. In fact, I suspect the author of the appendix reveals the great shortcoming of the church today and the reason for it!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Steal Away Home- Book Review


I had this book on my wish list as a "just in case" book. I was surprised when I received it from my wife for Christmas. Since we celebrated early this year I decided to bring it along on our Christmas babysitting vacation (grandkids). While it seemed a bit slow to begin with it soon turned into a compelling story revealing a side of CHS rarely seen. This book helped me to see that while Spurgeon was a great man, he was only a man. It turned him into a human being. The interaction between Thomas Johnson and Spurgeon was second only to David and Jonathan! I do not read very fast and was pleasantly surprised to finish this book well before Christmas (even between diaper changes, etc). The account of the Jubilees of Spurgeon's birthday and Johnson's emancipation was so moving that I found myself weeping at the end of the chapter. I realize this is a somewhat fictional account but I am sure there was adequate research to qualify this as high quality biographical "fiction". This book has given me a greater comprehension of slavery in the South and a deeper appreciation for my own life and relationship with my wife.