My Books Available on Amazon

Faith Works: A Pocket Guide to Spiritual Growth

Turned Around: A Tale of God's Redeeming Grace

 A Covenant Theology: A Basic Introduction to the Covenants of God

Preaching for a Change: Transforming the Preacher and the People of God

Psalm 119: A Taste of Heaven

The Bible Template is an easy to read guide that explains the three great mysteries of God:

1) The Mystery of Life
2) The Mystery of Christ
3) The Mystery of the Church

It also provides an overview of the Scriptures to help grasp the flow and purpose of redemption.

Takilma Bible Church: The Beginnings

The Takilma Talks: Family Camp 2017

                                          Also available

            The Memoirs of Bud Mathiesen: World War II POW

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