"Me" during my wild years.

The following poem was written a year or two after I started walking with God. 

A child of rebellion was I, was I,
looking for answers and questioning why.
I must have the answers, I must understand,
why I was born in this senseless land.

It’s a long winding road when you’re searching for truth.
I’d heard about Jesus, but I needed more proof.
I’d heard about sin and an eternal hell,
sin sounded like fun, but as for hell, well…

I must taste of sin I thought to myself.
I’ll just take a taste of sin off the shelf.
The next thing I knew I was a glutton for sin,
blinded, I feasted, I was taken right in.

I cursed and I laughed and I stole things with glee.
Smoked, drank and made love, I thought I was free.
I lied and I cheated and took LSD.
I witnessed for Satan, although ignorantly.

I thought I was God and told others so.
I believed in our God, I just didn’t know.
Ever so slowly though God brought me around,
He taught me of Jesus and a new life I’ve found!

It must have been through the prayers of my mother,
dad, aunts and uncles, my sister and brother.
It must have been through the prayers of my friends,
That Jesus took over and forgave all my sins!

I count them not wasted, those years of my youth,
for now in all honesty I know Jesus as Truth.
Though I wish I’d known sooner our Jesus the Way,
I am thankful I now know, what more can I say?

Oh, if you’re looking for action and are tired of strife,
Give my Jesus a try, my Jesus is the Life!

Psalm 19:7                                      2 Corinthians 5:17

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