Saturday, August 1, 2020

More Great Reading!

Bush Aglow Life of D.L. Moody 

I have had this book on my shelf for many years and finally decided to dust it off and read it!  What a blessing! Though the book was written initially in 1935 it is a great read and resource on the life of D.L. Moody and has increased my respect and admiration for all he was able to accomplish with a 3rd-grade education, being born into poverty and losing his father as a child. 

The style of writing is a bit homey at times (typical of that era) but one gets a sense that this author spent a great deal of time and expense getting to know the real Moody. Towards the end, we meet a veritable "Who's Who?" of the evangelical world as he introduces us to men Spurgeon (Moody's mentor), F.B. Meyer, A.T. Pierson, and a host of others. This book might be hard to find but if you want to learn more about the Moody heritage it is a jewel.

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